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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word May 8, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word 5/8/2016

The Father says, “I Am breaking, breaking the Orphan Spirit within My people on a whole new level today. Many believe My love or lack of love for them coincides with how their earthly mother or father demonstrated love towards them. They see me as always loving, punishing, or somewhere in between. I Am coming to My own in a different way for I desire to show and reveal My true nature to you. I desire healing to rest upon your heart and mind where you know that I have only have the best intentions towards you will full expectation to bless you with My unending favor.

I created you out of My Love and never has that changed in My attitude towards you. It does not matter how well or trying your day was, I will remain steadfast in your corner to support and lift you up. I know what you are facing even right now. Nothing is missed by My Eyes. If I have taken the time to care how many hairs are on your head, there is no other aspect of your life that is not important to Me. In this hour, I will show your heart just how special you really are to Me. I will cast out your fear and doubt permanently. I Love you as far as the east is from the west and as far as My Arms can reach.

Release all of the false notions that I Am uninterested in your affairs and troubles. I know your heart because I created it and called it Beautiful. Let Me remove the hard shell you have encased yourself in. I will not hurt you! My gentle healing balm will restore all that was lost and beaten down through the storms of life. I can make even your worst day into your greatest day of testimony. In your mind’s eye, will come new revelation about past moments and a new awakening to those times will befall your understanding. I have much to show you and freedom will come through this conversation between us.

I have greatly loved you since I formed you at the foundations of all that I began. Your life is much more than the mere years you have walked this Earth. See yourself as someone who has an infinite of possibilities, for you are more than is seen in the natural and tangible. I will take care of you today just as I have from the beginning. Nothing has changed from My voice and hand. Will you trust Me today like you have since the day I called you forth from nothing but My imagination? Will you let Me take you to an awareness beyond your human experience? Today is your day to see and know who you really are in Me and not what the world has labeled you as. You are forever Loved and Wanted by Me!”

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