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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word May 6, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word 5/6/2016

The Father says, “A new wave of anointings are coming down from Heaven. Many of you have hesitated to ask Me for a certain gifting because you feared I would say no or that the cost would be too great. I say to you this day, Come before My Throne and let Me show you what I desire for your life. Understand that the desires you have from the Kingdom were already placed deep inside of you by Me. So Come! I will not cast you off like a beggar. This is a new day and new hour for My People.

Where you are going, you will need more to accomplish what I have placed in your spirit to do and be. Nothing is off of the table. Tell Me what you desire to do for My Namesake. I do not care how qualified or worthy you think you are. Just yield to Me, and I will take you to the highest of Mountains. What you are seeking has already been stored up for you and preparations have begun to take shape. Wells of My Glory are springing up all around you. I have not called you to just live an ordinary routine that involves little thought to carry out. Breakout of that dull assembly line of existence.

I will cover you, and I will teach you all that is required. The giants that you fear are only an illusion in reality. You are ready for the next level. Will you go up higher or just remain where you are? Many are called but few are chosen. Many turn around at the first hint of trouble. Will I not take care of All of your needs? Would I let the enemy devour you? Claim what is yours before you live in a world of what if’s. Do not reach the end of your days wishing you had taken Me up on this opportunity. I have not created you to stand by and watch others experience all that I have to offer. You have a mighty portion as well.

You are here for such a time as this. Now is the time in history that I decided to have you come and play a vital role in what I Am doing for all of mankind. Come before Me and ask! What you are yearning for, I will certainly satisfy. Let My well quench your thirst. Let Me take you to new levels of My glory. I will show you such wondrous of things that only friends can share. I have great plans for you. Walk into My realm of all things are possible for those who believe. I believe in you, and it is time for you to believe in you as well. You are in My Favor. I love you so dearly.”

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