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NUTRITION ~We have all been told it is vital, but...


There is no doubt you have been exposed to facts upon facts concerning that proper nutrition is the cornerstone to having a body that functions properly, and the consequence of a poor diet leads to diseases. Many think that what they are eating daily is enough, but few actually want to truly examine what they are putting inside and what good or harm is really taking place. 


Take the time to learn about what Excellent nutrition is, and work on making that your way of life. This may take some time, but you will notice that your health in all aspects improves, and new problems do not start. 


Every cell and body function relies on hydration, vitamins, minerals, and restriction of in taking food or drink that interferes with the body repairing itself.  Look into what nutrition deficiencies are linked to your health problems. Your healing may be as simple as eating right.


Our body is a temple. We must start seeing it that way.  A longer and healthier life depends on how we manage the resources God gives us. We may have to deny ourselves things that are robbing us of an abundant life.  

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