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What Are You In Need Off?

Healing~sickness; disease; bone/tissue healing; recovering from something where you are not in need of something in the body that does not currently exist in your body. If the disease has destroyed something, then healing is not fully what you need, a Creative Miracle is. 

Creative Miracle~ This can be defined as anything that does not currently exist and calling it into being. All of creation was done under this power. A need in your body for something that is not there or whole~like a new organ; new limb; limb growing out; Ears opening and Eyes seeing; new nerves; new blood vessels; new cells, metal dissolving and replaced with what should be there etc. It requires a different type of asking because you are not just asking to be healed. You are calling down from Heaven what isn't to become what is. 

Many have faith for healing more so than for a creative miracle. Both are just as accessible and the faith in reality is the same.  It is our minds that struggle to believe what we cannot see. There is actually a warehouse in heaven filled with body parts. Many people have seen it as God has taken them there. When I see Jesus doing surgery, so often an angel brings down what is needed for a Creative Miracle.  Do not be afraid to ask for any and every need that you have! Jesus died for your wholeness in the mind, body, and soul.  You are not asking for too much and do not compare your needs to someone who might need more. God does not think you are being greedy in what you ask for. It is His joy and good pleasure to do exceedingly above all that we can think or ask for. You are His Beloved Child. Bad religion will tell you that whatever is going on is your cross to bear, punishment from God, or not important to God. These are lies from the pit of hell. Believe and have full faith in what was done on the Cross for you! 


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